Whether for yourself, your friend, lover, or other—let us know who will be the recipient of this amazing piece of history.

What are you celebrating/calling out? Choose below what theme you want this to be, and Billy will whip it right up! If you’re not sure, add it into your notes below.

What do you want the video to say? Let us know and be sure to put in any notes Billy might need to help make is as fabulous as it can be!

The Bearded Ladee loves colorful language—but let us know if you prefer a more PG-rated version without curse words!

Billygrams are delivered within 5 business days, however get your Billygram delivered in 48 hours!

Every now and then we love to showcase some of the funniest Billygrams. If you prefer us not consider yours in our examples, let us know!

This is where we will send the Billygram to, once done! Again—this is the email address we will be sending the completed BillyGram to!


You may remember Billy Francesca form such famous quotes as, “I’m not mad…I’m FURIOUS”, or “I’m gonna come after you with a Hammer…” Let the Bearded Ladee herself send video messages to your nearest and dearest (or, people you just want to tell to go take a long walk off a short pier).

Either way, she’s your Ladee.

WTF is a ‘BillyGram’?

  • Have you ever wanted to tell someone their baby is uglee?
  • Have you ever been Happy over a friends divorce, but didn’t quite know how to show them?
  • Have you ever wanted to push someone down a flight of stairs at their own Birthday, but wasn’t sure if you could share that?


“BillyGrams” are a 60 second video message of the Bearded Ladee herself, sharing your sentiments with some of Billy’s own unique wisdom and anger, peppered in for good measure.